What an Exciting Year!


What an Exciting Year! (12.09.07)

So very much has happened since I last wrote on here. After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in June Jeff and I traveled to Beijing, China in late July. We spent a few days touring around the major sights of the city doing some shopping and trying out local cuisine. We also rented a driver and car whom took us to the Great Wall about 2.5 hours out of the city where there wasn’t a tourist in sight. We hiked for 3 hours along the top of the wall with only locals at each pit stop offering us cold water. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you’re up there, but its nothing less than amazing. The photos will prove it. We also saw the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Hi Ho Park, and went to the Silk Market shopping centre. ***************************************************************************************************** After our trip to China we focused on the wedding which took place on August 25, 2007. It was held at the Falls Golf Course in Chilliwack only minutes away from where I grew up. The day was perfect. Everything went accordingly and the rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the outdoor ceremony and have a nice champagne toast with our guests. The next day my parents hosted a gift opening at their house where we met up with lots of family and friends to unwrap their generous gifts. This night Jeff and I hopped on a plane to Halifax for our honeymoon. Here we rented a car and traveled around P.E.I, Cape Breton, the Halifax area, Peggy’s Cove and Luenburg. We had gorgeous weather the entire trip minus one day of rain, which was fine with us. On our trip we did some beach bumming, whale watching, lobster eating, a tiny bit of shopping, and a lot of relaxing. It was an amazing honeymoon and it was so great to finally see more of Canada. ***************************************************************************************************** The day after returning from our honeymoon I began my long teaching practicum in Burnaby. Here I was in a grade 2,3 classroom for 10 weeks and taught full time for 6.5 of them. My School Associate (regular classroom teacher) was amazing, as were the all of the students. I made a lot of friends in the school with both students and staff and I was definitely sad to go. However, I had an amazing experience overall. This past week I had my first interview with the Burnaby School District for the position of Teacher On Call. I’m waiting to hear back this coming week. Tomorrow is the big day, graduation. Our PDP graduation will be held tomorrow night where everything really becomes official. I’m extremely excited! One downfall however is there a good friend of mine from the teaching program who was also placed in the same school as me will be moving this week. I guess I’ll have to make a few trips up to Kamloops in the new year.


Canon EOS 5D
24 mm
1/800 sec


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